Why sheep’s wool?

Natural sheep wool is one of the precious natural raw materials that you should use in your daily life to maintain your own health naturally.
At Soven we buy, sort and process wool ourselves into a wide variety of products. This is the only way to ensure the straightness of the wool and to maintain all the positive qualities that only properly and carefully treated wool contains.
The most important substance next to the basic hollow fiber in wool is the presence of lanolin.

Why does wool have so many positive effects on people?

The main characteristic of wool is the content of lanolin OZ. WOOL Wax

Lanolin or wool is obtained from sheep’s wool. It is excreted by the sebaceous glands of the sheep gland and is very similar in structure to the sebum secreted by our skin. Lanolin has many positive effects on the body such as: repels mites, mold, dust, bacteria, viruses and dirt.

Therefore, the use of products made from 100% sheep wool and other natural materials is highly recommended for those who are allergic to dust mites, mold and dust, have problems with back pain, various skin diseases and poor blood flow.

What is lanolin? Where do we get it from?

Lanolin is the wax secreted by the sebaceous glands of the Sheep.

Where is it located?

Lanolin is found on the hair, especially where it contacts the hair with the skin of the sheep.

What Health Effects Does Lanolin Have?

Lanolin has positive effects on our health, because it is remarkably similar in structure to the sebum secreted by our skin. Due to its special odor it drives away mites and does not create a humid environment for microorganisms to live and develop.

Is lanolin an allergen?

Lanolin is not allergenic in our products as it is purified by natural wool washing to remove any lanolin alcohols that could be allergenic.

Why use BIO woolen bedding and BIO woolen beds?

Buying woolen bedding and beds is recommended especially for people who are allergic to dust mites, dust and mildew, and for people who have problems with back pain.

In addition to the fact that wool with a lanolin content repels microorganisms, it also has a beneficial effect on the spine.

Organic wool beds are designed primarily for the needs of people who want to maintain the health of their spine, prevent the occurrence of orthopedic problems, and prevent back pain.

BIO bedding and beds are also recommended for normal physiological development of children.

Another very important feature of wool is the hollowness of the fiber. The hollowness of wool fiber has this positive property that it stores all the negative effects from the human body as well as sweating inside the fiber and therefore does not create a wet and humid environment. It is very easy to clean with aeration.