Custom services

At Soven we make customized products for you. Your idea, wish is our performance. We offer several types of custom services:

Custom made woolen bedding

If you are among the larger people and you do not have the classic length, we are happy to produce larger sizes up to 2.6m! We also provide custom bedding for your bed (blankets, pillows, uppermat)..

Wool matresses

If you have a different or custom made bed, we make you a matresses in any shape and dimension. We also produce round and triangular matresses.
Do you own a motorhome, sailboat, yacht? Want a better matresses than just a foam bed?
We are happy to make such a matresses.

Upholstery (Bioupholstery)

At Soven we also deal with Upholstery and BIO Upholstery. The difference between them is that in CLASSIC Upholstery we use all kinds of materials (foam, adhesives, fabrics and other artificial materials), but instead of foam we use natural materials such as coconut fibres and wool, choose natural goods and materials that are not treated with chemicals . These forms of upholstery are especially suitable for allergy sufferers and people with various problems.

Renovation of seat furniture

If you are tired of old furniture we are happy to restore it!

Custom made seating sets

However, if you want, we also make custom seating, catering equipment and other accessories.
For any questions and wishes you can contact us at or 040/526-669