Natural sheep's wool insulation

BIO wool, natural, heat and sound insulation made from Slovenian sheep's wool. Bio wool insulation SOVEN is an environmentally friendly material that does not require additional energy sources for its production. Wool insulation creates a pleasant living climate and a comfortable feeling in your home. It is ecologically acceptable for humans and animals, it is ecologically degradable in nature and does not burden nature. Wool shearing has a beneficial effect on the well-being of sheep.

Features of wool insulation:

·         Energy sufficiency is achieved with a 20% smaller thickness of the installed material, compared to conventional insulations.
·          Creates an excellent living climate, in all seasons.
·          Thermal conductivity is W/mK=0.035. provides 30% better sound protection
It is fire safe and self-extinguishing. Regulates the humidity in the room
·          It doesn't fall apart, it doesn't rot, it doesn't lose its insulating power
·          It is naturally resistant to microorganisms, otherwise it is additionally protected against moths and other parasites,
·          It is anti-allergic, naturally repels dust, mites and moisture
·          Survives several generations, is ecologically degradable after use,
·         Environmentally and healthily impeccable,

Purpose and installation:

·         For all types of construction and adaptations
·         For roofs, interior walls, ceilings, floors, partitions,
·         Installation is easy, fast, and above all, it does not irritate the skin and respiratory system
·         Needle panels are attached with nails and zigzag string, the bulk is pressed between the basic structure and the final covering, the felt is placed between the boards without glue or attached with nails to the wall or under the wooden floor.


Catalog of wool insulation Soven.pdf (2.33MB)

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