Density: 20-22 kg/m3
Composition: 100% natural Slovenian sheep’s wool

It creates an excellent living environment. It protects against heat in summer and cold in winter. Thermal conductivity per W/mK = 0.0358. Provides 30% better soundproofing. It is self-extinguishing and fireproof. Regulates the humidity in the room. It does not rot, does not lose its insulating properties, is naturally resistant to microorganisms and is otherwise protected with a natural moth repellent. It is anti-allergic, repels dust, mites and moisture. After use, it does not pollute the environment. IT IS NEVER WASTE.

The minimum order quantity is one bag. If each panel is 4 cm thick, each pocket is 10.80 m2, and if each panel is 8 cm thick, each pocket is 5.40 m2.

CENA: 91,80€

Used for insulation:

  • roofing
  • floors
  • mansard
  • ceilings
  • intermediate walls
  • rooms where the hard base for the final coating comes over (external walls, floor)

Usage method:

Unroll the roll and simply attach the panel with nails or zigzag string.

The insulation can be 4 cm or 8 cm thick. The desired insulation thickness is achieved by combining (4+8+8=20cm).

IN PLATES (rolled up)
Thickness of insulation


M2 in the bag Price per m2 Price per beg Board measure in one bag
4 cm 10,8 m2 8,50 €  91,80 € Width: 0.90 m; length: 12 m
8 cm 5,40 m2 17,00 € 91,80 € Width: 0.90 m; length: 6 m


I want to buy 20 m2 of insulation, 12 cm thick.

I get the thickness by adding 8 cm + 4 cm.
20m2 (8cm) = 20 : 5.40 m2 = 3.70 bags. Since it is only sold in full bags, I have to buy 4 bags.
4 x 5.40 m2 = 21.60 m2. Calculation: 21.60 m2 x 17 euros = 367.20 euros

20m2 (4cm) = 20 : 10.80 m2 = 1.85 bags. Since it is sold in full bags, I have to buy 2 bags.
2 x 10.80 m2 = 21.60 m2. Calculation 21.60 m2 x 8.50 euros = 183.60 euros