Density: 20-22kg/m3
Composition: 100% natural Slovenian sheep wool

It creates an excellent living climate. It protects against heat in summer and cold in winter. Thermal conductivity is W/mK = 0.0358. Provides 30% better sound protection. It is self-extinguishing and fireproof. Regulates the humidity in the room. It does not decay, does not rot, does not lose its insulating power, is naturally resistant to microorganisms, and is otherwise protected against moths with a natural protective agent. It is anti-allergic, repels dust, mites and moisture. After use, it does not harm the environment. IT IS NEVER WASTE.

No personal protective equipment is required for INSTALLATION.

Minimum order is 1 bag.

CENA: 94,00€

Used for insulation:

  • roofing
  • floors
  • mansard
  • ceilings
  • intermediate walls
  • rooms where the hard base for the final coating comes over (external walls, floor)

Method of use:

We lightly press the wool flakes into the spaces we want to insulate.
The price is per m2 depending on the desired thickness.
Specify the square footage as the quantity and you will get the price.

Required quantities:


Insulation thickness


Required kg per m2 The bag weighs 10 kg and is sufficient for  

Price per m2, for a certain thickness


4 cm 0,80 kg 12,5 m2 7,52 €
8 cm 1,60 kg 6,25 m2 15,04 €
12 cm 2,40 kg 4,17 m2 22,56 €
16 cm 3,20 kg 3,13 m2 30,08 €
20 cm 4,00 kg 2,50 m2 37,60 €
24 cm 4,80 kg 2,08 m2 45,12 €

The price of insulation per kilogram is €9.40. A minimum of one bag can be purchased. The price of one bag is €94.


I want to buy 25m2 of insulation, 16cm thick:

25 m2 x 3,20 kg = 80 kg  -> 80 kg x 9,40 € = 752€ (this is 8 bags)


25 m2 x 30,08 € = 752 € (to je 3,20kg x 25m2 = 80kg, therefore 8 bags)

I am ordering 8 bags of insulation.