Filling: 100% natural BIO sheep’s wool
Fabric: 100% natural cotton/inlet

The insoles are heavily padded and densely quilted, which is the only way to protect the body and not just the mattress or bed. yogi insert. We recommend that the user orders the exact same size of the over-insole as his mattress. When the product is new, due to the dense stitching, it will appear as if it is a few centimeters too small, but it will expand to its proper size with time. Among other things, the inlay helps to make the bed comfortable, stable and compact – but not too hard. but if we want the mattress to be softer, we recommend an insert that will have LARGER STITCHING – LARGER RECTANGLES. This is also a solution for cases where the base bed is very hard.

Advantages of woolen insoles:

against sweating
protects against radiation and water currents
it has a beneficial effect on the spine and provides it with additional support

Such insoles are only available here, THICK, COMPACT AND LONG-LASTING – excellent protection for the mattress and your body.

Manufacture of woolen blankets, uppermats and pillows.

We make natural linen from the highest quality wool, such as quilts, pillows and uppermats. Bedding is filled of

100% Slovenian homemade wool and sewn in 100% eco cotton called inlet.

Individual production makes it possible to have almost always in stock even outside the standard size of bedding or to make it to the customer’s custom and desire.

Wool is a great thermal insulator, it protects against cold and heat, so we use it for cold and hot days. It has a massage effect on the body. Relieves rheumatic problems, relieves pain from chronic vertebral abrasions, improves post-injury conditions. Helps with headache, insomnia, migraines, etc.

Wool repels dust, dust and moisture, so it can also be used by allergies.

Soven has undertaken a very demanding product development project, including a multi-layered biological bedding structure, which significantly affects the sleep quality of an individual in this type of bedding.