Composition: 100% natural sheep’s wool used in the circular economy in the processing of sheep’s wool.


0.5m x 2m x 5mm (1m2)
1m x 2m x 5mm (2m2)

Purpose of use
Protection of young trees and Mediterranean plants and protection of other plants from FROZEN. It is ideal for protecting lemons, olives, persimmons, bananas…

Method of use

  • we wrap trees, bushes, we can also cover vegetables, potted plants, etc.

Advantages of use

  • protection against frost, protects against pests, regulates moisture in the state of reduced vegetation,
  • after use, it is dried and put away for next year, but it can also be used as mulch or between garden beds.

Target users

  • vegetable growers
  • eco-gardeners
  • gardeners
  • fruit growers
  • park and garden managers