UNGEWASCHTE SCHAFWOLLE für Garten und Fernlicht (10 kg)

Weight: 10kg (10kg = approx. 2m2, for 10cm height)
Composition: 100% natural Slovenian sheep wool

Purpose of use

  • in the gardens
  • fields
  • I was going
  • high beams


  • repels pests (voles, mice…)
  • accelerates plant growth
  • retains moisture
  • a natural fertilizer that enriches the soil

Target users

  • vegetable growers
  • eco-gardeners, also FOR HIGH BEAMS
  • gardeners
  • fruit growers
  • park managers
  • ponds
  • embankment
CENA: 14,00€

THE BEST ROW ORDER OF TALL ROW COMPOSITION FOR HIGH BEAM GARDEN (to make your vegetables really healthy)

  • Place a net on the bottom of the high beam, cover the inside with BIO WOOL FELT (maybe only half a meter from the top), which will enrich the soil and preserve its fertility, prevent the soil from drying out and retain moisture.
  • On the net we place saplings, wood chips and UNWASHED SHEEP’S WOOL or WOOL FLAKES mixed with soil. This will enrich the soil and extend the duration of fertility.
  • Sprinkle 20-50 cm of fertile soil over it, to which you can also mix WOOL FLAKES (if we did not use unwashed sheep’s wool).
  • Before planting, place a WOOL MATT on the ground, make holes and plant the seedlings. The mulch will prevent the growth of weeds and at the same time additionally preserve moisture for the plants.