GARDENING WOOL FELT in a roll: 8-9 mm, (30m/2)

Composition: BIO wool felt from 100% natural sheep’s wool obtained from a circular economy of sheep’s wool processing


  • in a roll, width 1m, length as desired by the customer
  • a width of 2m is also possible when purchasing a larger quantity

Purpose of use

  • for flower window boxes
  • for high beam garden

Method of use

  • flower window boxes: place the felt right at the bottom of the boxes, you can also on the inside, insert the soil and plant the plants
  • into the high beam garden: wrap the inner walls of the high beam, approx. 0.5 m from top to bottom. If we already have a plastic sheeting (sticky film), we can attach the FILC to the plastic sheeting – but it is better that there is no plastic or rubber in contact with the ground in the high shaft.

Benefits of use

  • better growth
  • greater vegetable yield
  • more order in the garden, in the field, in the park, in the orchard
  • as additional fertilizer
  • less other fertilizers
  • less watering

THE BEST ROW ORDER OF TALL ROW COMPOSITION FOR HIGH BEAM GARDEN (to make your vegetables really healthy)

  • Place a net on the bottom of the high beam, cover the inside with BIO WOOL FELT (maybe only half a meter from the top), which will enrich the soil and preserve its fertility, prevent the soil from drying out and retain moisture.
  • On the net we place saplings, wood chips and UNWASHED SHEEP’S WOOL or WOOL FLAKES mixed with soil. This will enrich the soil and extend the duration of fertility.
  • Sprinkle 20-50 cm of fertile soil over it, to which you can also mix WOOL FLAKES (if we did not use unwashed sheep’s wool).
  • Before planting, place a WOOL MATT on the ground, make holes and plant the seedlings. The mulch will prevent the growth of weeds and at the same time additionally preserve moisture for the plants.

The minimum order is 30m2.

CENA: 204,00€