GARDENING WOOL FELT in a roll: 5-6 mm, (30m2)

Composition: 100% natural sheep’s wool, which is used in the circular economy in the processing of sheep’s wool.


  • in a roll, width 1m, length as desired by the customer
  • a width of 2m is also possible when purchasing a larger quantity

Purpose of use

  • Protection of young trees and Mediterranean plants and protection of other plants from FROZEN. It is ideal for protecting lemons, olives, persimmons, bananas…

Method of use

  • We wrap trees, shrubs, we can also wrap vegetables, potted plants, etc.

Advantages of use

  • protection against frost, protection against pests, moisture regulation in the state of reduced vegetation,
  • After use, it is dried and put away for next year, but it can also be used as a mulch or between beds.

Target users

  • vegetable growers
  • eco gardener
  • gardener
  • fruit growers
  • Parks and gardens managers

The minimum order quantity is 30m2.

CENA: 138,00€