GARDENING WOOL FELT in a roll: 3-4 mm (30m/2)

Composition: 100% natural sheep’s wool obtained from the circular economy of sheep’s wool processing


  • in a roll, width is 1m, length according to the customer’s wishes
  • when ordering a larger quantity, a width of 2m is also possible

Purpose of use

  • Useful as mulch.
  • Protection of the bed, field, ornamental garden, against weeds, mud and creepers, accelerates growth, regulates humidity, allows less watering, prevents soil drying out, serves as an intermediate role in separating sand and soil

Method of use

  • we spread it over the orchard, the field, the ornamental park
  • at a certain distance, we make holes for the plant with scissors
  • fix it on the sides with wedges, stones or simply cover part of the mulch with soil.

Advantages of use

  • better growth
  • greater yield
  • a more natural product
  • more order in the garden, in the field, in the park, in the orchard
  • less watering
  • Target users
  • vegetable growers
  • eco-gardeners
  • gardeners
  • fruit growers
  • managers of parks and ponds

The minimum order is 30m2.

CENA: 66,00€